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FLASHBACK: Halloween Themed Foods

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bringing you back to 2013 with some fun Halloween food ideas and our Halloween movie night snack! 

I can't believe how fast Halloween crept up this year!  Before I share the lunches I wanted to share the snacks I am bringing to the Halloween party tomorrow at Boo Bears school.  How fun are these green Frankenstein rice crispy treats?!  Okay so they took a lot longer to make then I thought but totally worth it.  If you are wondering what those things on the side of his head are it's mini marshmallows dipped in melted green candy melts.  I used pretzels to keep them in.  I had to throw something healthy in there so boo-nanas it is and some raisins.  Can't wait to see the kids reaction. 

Okay so on to the fun lunches for the month.... A spooky owl.

A mummy hot dog with a creepy crawler.  She loved this one because she loves hot dogs.

The Nutella Frankenstein sandwich.  Who wouldn't love chocolate for lunch?!

And last but not least the mummy sandwich.

Here's a fun movie night treat.  Monster cupcakes.

Until next time.  Toodles! 

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Classroom Website: A Must for Room Mom's and Teachers

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

So this year, fate chose me out of a hat to be the room mom.  I was super excited and also a little nervous.  I've never been a class room mom before and I didn't even know where to start.  This is her last year in preschool, so I am so thankful to have this opportunity.  If you are wondering, what in the world is a room mom?  I would say the link between parents and teachers.

I attended a room mom meeting and a veteran shared her secrets.  Mind blowing for those of us who love virtual access.  Did you know you can create a website for your classroom online?!  Say what?!  It's free, private and pretty amazing.  I'm a fan of Shutterfly again because in no time I was able to create our Brown Bear Classroom Website. 

It's private so you can't actually visit it, but let me show you some of the tools that are offered.  You can see all the tabs above the bear. 
  1. Calendar, you can see all the important events for the month as well as who is bringing snack each week.  
  2. Volunteers is a way to virtually get parents to sign up to volunteer in the classroom or bring something for a class party.
  3. Parents can share photos and videos of kids taken from field trips and important times like the Christmas show.
  4. A class list of everyone's phone number, email addresses is listed.  Useful for birthday party invites!  To the right is the teacher's information.
  5. There's even a message board. 
Can I just say...Thanks Shutterfly Share Site, I'm in love. 

Scroll down and you'll see a pretty image of all the important dates of the month and to the right some links parents can share.  

And probably my favorite part.  The upcoming events and files tab.  As parents we lose papers and forget dates.  Am I wrong?!  Not anymore folks.  For every event entered, I was able to have the option to send out an email reminder for the upcoming event.  YUP two days advance notice for picture day, field trip, chapel.  How awesome!?  The files section has all those important papers we tend to lose.  The list of preferred snacks, the list of each teacher's favorite things, permission slip for field trips, and whatever else.

This site is so awesome I just had to take the time to share it with you all.  What a great tool for parents and teachers to stay organized and informed throughout the year!  NOT to mention who wouldn't want a virtual way to access those important dates and papers we forget and lose.  

It's amazing people.  If you're a room mom, I highly recommend it and it's super easy to set up. 

Until next time.  Toodles! 

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FLASH BACK: Our First Halloween Party

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bringing you back to an old post for give you some new inspiration.  Can't believe little she was in this picture.  Enjoy my flashback to our first Halloween party!

Wow Halloween went by in a blink of an eye!  Hope everyone had fun and got lots of candy!!  My intention was to share tutorials of the things I made for but with our vacation running so close to the party I just didn't get the chance.  I did want to share the highlights of the party though.  Maybe you can pin some ideas for next year.  I already have a list of things I want to do next year that we didn't do this year.  You can check out all my inspirations on my Halloween Board on Pinterest.  

It was our first Halloween party and I was limited in time, so I kept it simple and most of the decorations were made from paper from my ever growing scrap book stash.  Not too shabby I would say.  The ghosts are from this pin on Pinterest.  They only took minutes to make and look so cute!  

I also am in love with these fun paper banners.  It seriously was so easy to make, hardly took any time and looked so cute!  I just punched circles out and sewed them together.

And on the food table were some fun treats!  The witches brooms were a hit.  And look, I used those 99  cent Tolsby frames from Ikea!

These were my favorite Halloween treats.  Deviled eggs with olive spiders from this pin and the bone biscuits with blood aka marinara sauce.  This pin led me to a great site with all sorts of great food ideas!

Some of my favorite decor was on the other side of the room.  I painted characters on those $5 Ikea side tables.  They wash off nicely too if you use washable paint.  And remember those candy corn pillow covers?  Definitely saving those for next year.

My favorite decor has to be the bats.  Just plain black paper.  You can find the print out here at one of my favorite blogs.

I have joined the paper straw and mason jar trend.  I taped some felt to my yellow tray to make it look like a candy corn.  The "mummy" utensil holder is really just a tin can wrapped with gauze and embellished with googly eyes.  Simple but charming.

One of the mom's made gift boxes for the kids.  Remember those hands filled with popcorn?!  Well she filled these with gold fish to make them more toddler friendly and added rings to the fingers.  So clever.

We had a full house and it was fun!  The kids played, the mom's talked about potty training.  We even made slime [more on that tomorrow].  

And out of all the really adorable costumes I would have to say my dear friend is the winner!  She is preggo, so for Halloween she is a road with a bump [hehehe] and her son, the cutest bum I have ever seen!  Love it!
Hope you all had as much fun as we did! 

Featuring Unafrayed Sewing

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I am super duper excited to share the work of a dear friend of mine.  Kathryn and I met college.  We lived on the same floor.  We bonded over late night study sessions, Gilmore Girls marathons while vegging out, concerts, chapels.  So fun!  Our friendship has passed the test of time and have been able to stay in touch over the years, being there for each other at our weddings and having the kiddos.  She has a beautiful heart and now a passion to sew. 

This year she opened shop Unafrayed Sewing.  I absolutely love the name.  It's a reference to fabric and thread coming unraveled or "frayed".  Fear is one her biggest struggles.  What happens to us when we have fear is very similar to what happens with fabric when it's frayed.  It prevents us from living the fullest life God has intended for us.  

Her vision is to make and sell quality, hand-made, useful items for families to enjoy for years to come.  She's currently making and selling bandannas for babies and dogs, but hope to expand in the future to sell quilts, burp rags, and bean bag toys.  How adorable does little man look in this bandanna?!  And he is a major drooler with all those teeth coming in.  

How adorable is this set?!  Perfect for the Fall or Christmas.  A great personal gift for a baby shower or birthday.  Head over to her Etsy shop and check them all out! 

Right now, if you spend $30 at her shop then get 15% off.  You can follow her sewing journey on Instagram and Facebook and be sure to tell her I sent ya! 

Have a blessed day everyone!

Our Fall Bucket List

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I've gone back to work [from home but it still counts] and as a working mom, I realize that I have to be way more intentional about spending quality time.  I know a lot of working mom's can relate to that.  But God shared this with me and I hope it encourages you, it's not necessarily the quantity of time you spend with your kids but the quality.  I spend all day with her and we do stuff together but I'm a memory builder.  I live for those moments that the kiddos will remember and cherish.  The times we camped out in the living room, raised butterflies, and did crafts. 

You all know I'm a sucker for traditions and this is a way for me to make sure we have those speacial moments, those memories, and that quality time.  It ended up being a bigger hit than I expected, the hubby even got involved and she has really taken ownership of her little list.  We went on pinterest and she picked out crafts, we talked about what we want to do this season, and THIS list has some awesome ideas!   I love her idea of a balloon day, she wants to blow up a bunch of balloons to play with.  

I'm a list maker too so I love this even more because it's teaching her to be a list maker.  Ha!  Each week we have been going over it and she picks what it is she wants to do for the week.  Last week we painted a planter and planted plants.  To my surprise they are still alive and thanks to having fresh basil we have been having caprese salads all the time.

We also made slime.  This is a tradition for us each Halloweenie time.

You can find the recipe here and I actually made a video this year on how to do it.  

This bucket list is for sure one that we will make every season.  What would you put on your list?

Until next time.  Toodles! 

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My Promise

Thursday, August 20, 2015

You're looking at this picture and I know you are thinking this is going to be some sappy post, but it isn't.  I'm going through Chalene's PUSH program where you learn to write and accomplish goals and this is the assignment for day four.  I set 10 goals and one of them is my PUSH.  I bet you're thinking, what does this have to do with me?  Well, I had to turned my goal into a promise.  A promise makes my goal that much more important because it's not just about me anymore.  The first promise is to him and our family.  It relates to my promise to you, but I'm gonna keep this one private for now....

My PUSH goal this year is to help at least five people start and maintain their fitness journey every month.  I love walking on this journey with women and seeing the transformations inside and out.
This is why I am making this promise.

My promise to you if you want me to be part of your journey is to be the best coach I know how to be.  I will commit to you as much as you commit to me.  Whether you are in one of my monthly small groups or we do this one on one, I promise to keep you accountable each week.  I promise to give you encouragement when you need it, help you set goals, and be with you until you reach them.  I promise to celebrate your accomplishments as small as they may be.  I'll cheer for those non scale victories and always tell you that you can do it!  I promise to walk with you on this journey until you are ready to do it on your own or until you reach those goals you set out to crush.   I will help you with nutrition and provide you with resources to help curb those cravings.  Healthier options?  Let's find them!  It may take longer but it will last longer.  My promise is to be there for you in life, beyond the world of fitness.  I want to be your friend, biggest cheerleader, and someone who believes in you.

  That's my promise to those of you who have allowed me to be on this journey with you!  If you some accountability and help reaching your fitness goals I would love to be there for you.  You can fill out this form and let's get started. 

I Love Nested Bean's Zen Sleep Sack

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Nested Bean is no stranger to us.  When my stud muffin was just an itty bitty, he pretty much lived in the Zen swaddle.  Looking back on this post kind of makes me a little emotional to think he was ever so little.  Little man was colicky and this super soft weighted swaddle was the only thing that helped him other than being carried in the carrier.  We loved it so much we owned two of them, we also had the classic.  

I really love Nested Bean and was so excited when I head about the new line of sleep sacs called the Zen Sack!

  The company not only pays attention to the quality of the product but also to the little details.  I put him in it before a nap instead of bed so you can actually see what the sleep sac looks and how cozy it is.  

I know he probably could use a blanket but he tosses and turns so much at night it always ends up falling off.  With the winter months coming it's even more on my mind to make sure he stays warm and cozy at night.  Who doesn't like being nice and cozy in a blanket?!

And the Zen Sack does just that because the top portion is lightly weighted. There are little beads in that cute chick and the top has an extra padding on the front.  That little extra weight really brings him more comfort as if I'm there holding him.  Just like with the swaddle, the sleep sacs grow with your itty bitty because the shoulders have two levels of shoulder snaps.  

My favorite part is that it has two zipper ends.  So to get them in, you unzip starting at the right all the way down.  If you just need to do a night time diaper change, you can unzip on the left and just a little but.  How convenient is that?!  They really had mom in mind with this design.

Did I mention the swaddles and the Zen sleep sacks are the softest cotton I've felt.  The soft Peruvian fabric is so gentle and comfy.  It also washes great!  Even though the sleep sac isn't made with super heavy material it does keep the little guy warm.  He was pretty toasty after this photo shoot and ready for his nap.  

The Zen Sack come in two sizes and the 6-12 months is a generous length.  Your baby will really get some use from it.  You get what you pay for because these Zen Swaddles and Zen Sleep Sacks because they will hold up to the test of time.  I've washed and washed them and they still look great.  

If you have littles HERE.  They will be thanking you even more if their baby ends up being colic.  Trust me!   They have the kiddos at heart but parents in mind.

or are about to have a little one, I highly recommend Nested Bean.  You can't find the quality that they offer.  Soft, comfy and durable.  Or if you know someone who is about to have a baby, do them a favor and get them the Zen Swaddle which is offered in an adorable gift wrapped gift set on the site

This is an item your little one will use daily, nightly, so don't compromise on the quality!