Saturday, July 2, 2011

Diaper and Wipes Cozee

Out of all the cozees I have made, this is one of my favorites and the one I personally use the most.  My Boo and I are usually on the go and I don't prefer to carry a diaper bag so this is perfect for me to throw in my purse [or I guess you can always leave one in the car].  These three are the new ones I have made [but stay tuned because there is more to come].

I am a matchy matchy person so I like for the cozees to match...

The inside of the diaper pouch matches the trim on the wipes case.

 No two cases I make are ever the same and it is so much fun to test out different quilted looks.

I wasn't so sure about the boring squares but I actually thought it looked cute with this print.

The Huggies travel wipes cozee is brand new and comes loaded with 16 wipes [though I can shove way more in mine].

And the diaper pouch can fit about two to three diapers.
 The best part is that you can really use the diaper cozee for anything [toys, clothes, makeup, etc.].  How awesome is that?!

Each diaper cozee is machine machine, lay flat to dry and iron as needed.  The wipes cozee is spot clean only.  It's $16 for the set plus S&H.  I can't wait to show you the ones I am working on now!  

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  1. These look so great Patty!! I'm so proud of you!! :)


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