How to Make Fleece Hat in 10 Minutes Make it Cozee: How to Make Fleece Hat in 10 Minutes

How to Make Fleece Hat in 10 Minutes

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The snowy season has come and I love it!  Snow is so magical, but cold [duh!]  Well, because my little one refuses to wear hats, I just never bought her one in preparation for the winter.  Bad mommy...  We went to play in the snow and she had to wear one of my beanies.  So I ended up making her a basic fleece hat to hold us over until she gets a much nicer one.

It is so easy and takes about ten minutes! I took a long rectangle piece from my fleece stash and measured the width of her head based on my beanie that she wore.  

Then, sew down the sides.  If you don't sew, use fabric glue. 

I made the mistake of doing this step while she was napping so it was a little long.  I ended up taking the seam out and fixing it.  BUT fold over the bottom portion twice and make sure it fits your little one. 

Then sew it down or use liquid stitch.

Cut strips at the top.  I liked thinner strips and ended up making them thinner.  Take a piece thin strip of fleece and tie it on the top really tight.  You can also sew the top portion first and then tie it tight, it's up to you.   Trim the strips if they are too long. 

Fluff it, adjust it, and put it on!  It's a cute temporary hat and will keep her warm for now.  I am for sure considering making one for her favorite doll.