Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Felt Heart Door Hanger

One day closer to V-day and another fun fast craft!  I saw this small felt heart door hanger on Pinterest and I had to have one.  When I was growing up my mom use to always leave a gift at my door with a card and this is a tradition I wanted to continue with Cindy.  What a more adorable way to find your valentine goodies than in a felt heart??

This project is simple enough.  Definitely use the secret to cutting felt tutorial to make it go even faster.  The first thing I did was cut out all the pieces.  The pink hearts is bigger and I used the my pinking shears so they have the zig zag edge.

Here are all the pieces.

Now before you sew them together, sew on the ribbon to the pink heart so it an hang on the door.

Once that is done, you can sew the two back pieces together.  If you want it to be a little more stable depending on how big your heart is (mine is pretty big). Use two pieces of pink hearts.  Now for the pocket, if you want a design on the front be sure to add those on before you sew the two pieces together.  I did the hearts and her initial.  Then sew along them together by seeing along the top.

To finish off the heart, sew the pocket onto the back portion.  If your heart was a small one you probably won't need to do this but because mine is so big, I had to sew the middle section down.   Just a little bit not all the way down.  

Isn't it darling?  I love that I can use it every year for her.

And if you are wondering what is in her heart, there are  these rubber ducks she sees at the grocery store all the time and is obsessed with,  her favorite chips, her favorite candy, some homemade pay dough and this darling art smock I made (tutorial to come).


  1. I love this! Hope she liked her gifts :)

    1. Thanks Jacqueline she loved it! She ended up carrying the ducks in the pockets the entire afternoon.


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