Monday, February 11, 2013

Toddler Valentine Cards

Can you believe valentines day is already this week?!  I am pretty proud of myself this year because I actually accomplished all I wanted to do.   The 14 days of Valentines have been fun for the hubby and I but all the sweets sure are taking a tole on my face.   Today I wanted to share a craft we did at preschool, a cute card for the daddy's.  Isn't it sweet?!

I loved it and ended up making a bunch to send home to grandparents and family too.  I have to admit though, this is more a craft for mommy than baby.  First, the fun part which is painting. I think water colors look better but my little love bug wanted to paint with tempura.

Once the painting dries, fold it in half and trace your little ones hand on it. Be sure that the tip of the thumb and the pointer finger is on the fold.   

When you cut it out there will be a heart in the middle.  I couldn't resist sparkling it up a bit.

Now during a messy paint session and right before bath time, dip their little feet in paint and stamp them on paper.  Cut them in the shape of a heart.

Then all you have to do is assemble it.  I helped her write the I love you part and I couldn't he it put glitter in the heart.  We can't wait to give it to daddy and this is one that will be kept for sure in the memory bin.

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