Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tutorial: Baby Swaddle

Making this swaddle brings back so many memories of my first pregnancy.  It was the time I decided to really learn how to sew because I wanted to make tons of stuff for my baby girl. This project was the first pattern I had ever tried to use and luckily the little lady loved being swaddled.  Three years later here I am making it again but this time for my little man.  Sadly he doesn't love being swaddled as much as the little lady, but I still use it on him but let his arms free.

Here is the first one I made.  Doesn't she look so cute all wrapped up?!  This swaddle is a hit with the daddy because it is Velcro and so easy to use.

If you are a beginner at sewing don't be intimidated because the hardest part about this pattern Is printing it out and putting the pieces together.  You can find and download the pattern and instructions HERE.  Now there's written instructions with the pattern but I thought I would do a tutorial for you visual learners out there.

  I made it in two different sizes.  Not bad... Two swaddles for 6 bucks!

Start by cutting out all the pattern pieces making note of where the notches are.  You should have four total pieces.  Two for the outer and two for the lining.  You can essentially use whatever material you want for the lining.  A winter baby, I would choose a heavier warm material.  I chose a lighter fleece.  Flannel is also a good option. 

Fold the notch so that the lines are touching right sides together, sew it, and trim.  I like to zig zag the edges afterwards.

Line up the outer fabric right sides together.  Pin and sew the front to the back.  Repeat for the lining. 

Turn the outer piece right side out and tuck it into the lining.  Pin and sew all the way around, pivoting where the blue arrow is pointing.  Leaving an opening in one of the side arms.

This is where you will turn the swaddle right side out. 

Turn the swaddle right side out and tuck the lining inside.

You can iron it out if you would like to make top stitching easier. 

Top stitch along the entire swaddle.  Here is that pivot I was mentioning earlier. 

Pin on the velcro pieces.

When it is all sewn in you will be ready to swaddle that fussy baby!

Perfect for anyone who doesn't know how to swaddle and safe for babies while they sleep at night.

Hope this tutorial helps you with the written instructions.

Until next time.  Toodles!


  1. you are AMAZING!!! I literally thought this would be a blog post about "how to swaddle your newborn". Because if I had a newborn, that's the only type of blog post I could handle. I really need a sewing machine.

  2. Lynnegodbout@gmail.com. How do I get the pattern for this as I need to make a few in the next 2 weeks for my future got nephew

  3. I also would like the pattern. Every time I click the link above it says I am denied and I need permission.

  4. I have not been able to get the pattern. Is it still available?


  5. I would like the pattern link please. lklompien53@gmail.com

  6. I call this a daddy proof swaddler. They can swaddle their little one when mommy is gone.

  7. Could I get the snuggler pattern also. Thank you. kcn@westriv.com

  8. This is best. Where is the pattern please

  9. Here is a link to the free pattern. You will have to piece the parts together. http://cdn.makezine.com/uploads/2009/05/lotta_snuggler_pattern.pdf


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